Our Story

The thought was born in a garage in Richmond Hill, Ontario. But the pieces all started falling into place during a cross border trip to Tibet. As the Chinese would call it - the Westward Trek, and what a trek it was. With the western wind from the Himalayas breezing past as we head deeper into No Man’s Land on the way there, and our trusty rides between our legs, that was where it all sparked for us. We wanted riders around the world to be a part of this, to do what we have done, to share the scenery, the adventure. And we wanted to be the ones to make sure that every one of you is well sorted for all the amazing times that await once you get off the beaten path. We give you - Westwind.

Our products are not just tested in labs, but in every real-life adventure you can think of. The harshness of the northern Canadian wilderness in winter, check. The baking heat of the Sahara desert, check. The ever changing landscapes in the badlands of Thailand, check. Check, check, check, our products have probably seen more of the world than any single rider can speak of. And it is through these journeys that we have perfected our design, honed down on the materials we use, to really produce articles that combine function, form, and value into a package that we know you will both need and love.

We mention value, and we mean it. We can’t count the amount of times we’ve held back from making a purchase for aluminum panniers, put off by the fact that if we’re in the middle of nowhere, we definitely don’t want that extra width to cause me trouble, let alone the weight. On top of that, if our ride is ten, twenty-years old, we definitely will not and can not justify slapping on luggage that’s probably more expensive than the bike itself. But then again, we might not be rolling in cash, doesn’t mean we can’t have something that’s quality and reliable right?

So we went ahead and designed something that’s versatile, something that you can take off an old bike, and slap it on the new one. Don’t have racks? We made products that do not require racks to mount, and yes, it still looks damn cool. Waterproof? Pfft, you think we’d let you haul your ass to a place where only satellite phones work, and let your belongings drown in a downfall? And admit it, we all make mistakes, even the best of us. Instead of a hard case that’s going to show all those battle scars, let’s dust off our bags, and be on our way. It’s better to tell a story of the moon and stars than point at a dent on the case anyways. We have built something that’ll carry all of our luggage and dreams to any destination, and also brings everything back safely, in one piece, and ready for the next voyage. Westwind is just that, a brand made by bikers, for bikers.

It’s about time the industry’s seen a revolution, and heck, we’re here to spearhead it.