Product Warranty

Westwind Moto Inc.  Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty (“Warranty”): Subject to the exclusions set forth below, Westwind Moto Inc. (“Westwind”) warrants that all Westwind branded motorcycle related products or accessories (collectively, “Products”) will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, from henceforth called the “Warranty Period”. This Warranty is valid only with proof of purchase in the form of any digital or paper based invoice or receipt.

Exclusions: This Warranty is valid only for Products purchased from Westwind directly or an authorized Westwind dealer globally. Westwind reserves the right to decline warranty service for any Products purchased from a seller or reseller, including, without limitation, any online seller, reseller, supplier, distributor or dealer that does not have official Westwind authorisation. This Warranty extends only to the original end-user purchaser of related Products, and may not be transferred to others.

This Warranty applies only when the Product in question has been properly handled, stored, transported, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the Westwind guidelines and instructions included with the shipment of such Product. Westwind shall have no responsibility under this Warranty for any failure of a Product that results from external causes, as well as damages due to improper or unauthorized installation by unofficial dealers. Warranty will be voided if the Product has been used for purposes which it was not designed for. 

Remedy: If a Product fails to comply with the terms of this Warranty and the purchaser of such Product has fully complied with all of the obligations under this Warranty, including, without limitation, payment in full in respect of such Product, Westwind, at its sole option, will either (i) repair or replace any defective component of such Product with the same or a functionally equivalent component part or (ii) issue a credit to the applicable purchaser. 

Specifically, Westwind will repair the defective component, replace such defective component with a similar or like component (as determined by Westwind in its sole discretion), or issue a credit (in an amount calculated by Westwind in its sole discretion) to the purchaser that may be used for future Westwind Product purchases. Westwind reserves the right to use new or reconditioned parts in the repair or replacement of any Product covered by this Warranty. For purposes of clarification, this Warranty requires only the repair, replacement or issuance of a credit for the components of a Product that are deemed to be defective and not the entire Product. This Warranty excludes any and all removal or reinstallation costs and expenses, including, without limitation, labor and equipment required to remove and/or reinstall original or replacement Product(s) or parts, shipping costs to return nonconforming Products or any damage that may occur during the return of any Products 

The issuance of future purchase credit or the repair or replacement of a Product or component part within a Product is the sole and exclusive remedy for the failure of a Product to comply with the terms of this Warranty and does not extend the Warranty Period. Warranty claims regarding Products must be submitted in writing at within thirty (30) days of discovery of the defect or failure. Products or component parts may be required to be returned for inspection and verification of non-conformance by Westwind, but no Products or component parts will be accepted for inspection, verification or return unless accompanied by a valid return materials authorization number, which can be obtained only from an authorized Westwind customer service representative. Westwind is not responsible for any costs and expenses incurred in connection with the shipment of Products to Westwind, but Westwind shall bear all cost and expense incurred in connection with the shipment of replacement Products to the end user.

Limitation of Liability: In no event shall Westwind’s total liability with regards to any and all claims, exceed the purchase price of the Products in question within the claim, and any such liability will terminate upon expiration of the Warranty period. 

Right to Adjust or Discontinue Warranty: This Warranty is effective for any purchase of Products on or after the effective date. Westwind reserves the right to adjust or discontinue this Warranty without notice, provided that any such adjustments or discontinuance will be effective only with respect to any Products purchased after such adjustments or discontinuance.

Effective December 26th, 2021