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  • GP Bikes

    As one of the biggest dealerships in Ontario, Canada, GP Bikes has over 46,000 sqft of retail and display showroom for both motorcycles and riding gear. GP Bikes is also the authorized dealer for Triumph, KTM, Ducati, BMW, and Honda. Westwind Moto entered into partnership with GP Bikes in 2022, and is working closely with the dealership to co-develop new model brackets and fittings for motorcycle luggage.

  • TRIUMPH motorcycle logo


    WESTWIND are official motorcycle luggage provider for Triumph motorcycle, WESTWIND motorcycle panniers products truly accessorize and embody the word “vintage” with a modern twist. Model specific mounts ensure WESTWIND pannier bags and luggage are not only mounted to the Triumph motorcycle, but rather build upon the original designers’ intentions for these rides.

  • CFMOTO motorcycle logo


    China’s a booming market. And it ain’t right for WESTWIND to miss out. WESTWIND partnered with one of the biggest motorcycle producers and international businesses in China to produce motorcycle luggage specific accessories since 2021.


WESTWIND Motorcycle luggage are not just tested in labs, but in every real-life adventure you can think of. The harshness of the northern Canadian wilderness in winter, WESTWIND pannier bags check. The baking heat of the Sahara desert,WESTWIND luggage check. The ever changing landscapes in the badlands of Thailand,WESTWIND luggage check. WESTWIND products have probably seen more of the world than any single motorcycle rider can speak off.

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