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Guard 20P Soft Pannier (Quick Release) for Triumph T100/120


Street and Vintage Riders rejoice. When we design products, we start from the perspectives of our potential customers. And well, it really dawned on us that there really isn't a fully featured, well-designed, and relatively affordable soft panniers/luggage system for the street bikes. Hence, the birth of our flagship line for street riders - the Westwind Moto Guard 20 lineup.

Most modern classics and neo-cafe bikes are created to pay tribute to the good old days, by merging modern bike technology with classic designs. And most riders tend to spend a little extra time to make sure they are dressed appropriately to suit their bike's style too. The Guard 20 lineup comes onto the market with intentions to match and bring the overall style of your ride up to another level, whilst guaranteeing that industry leading functionality we pride ourselves on providing.

New for 2023!

The Guard 20P is fully redesigned to feature a hardshell design with an easy access two-buckle opening. Most importantly, it features the newly designed quick release system!

Quick Release

Our innovative quick release system features a H-Bracket with 16mm tubing that includes pre-drilled mount holes that are compatible with our vehicle specific brackets. Also included is the Westwind Moto 16mm quick release clamp as well as additional supporting hangers. The H-Bracket is designed with slide stops that works in conjunction with the included hangers to prevent the bag from sliding back and forth when installed. Everything is pre-arranged and installed on the bag already, so very minimal assembly is required!

 Ease of Access

Not a roll top guy? The Guard 20P has you covered. With only two buckles in  your way of opening the hardtop, it means you get to your belonging just that much faster. Also, with a hardshell design, the Guard 20P hold its form a bit better than its Guard 20C semi-rigid counterparts. So even when you're riding empty, they still look great!

Quality Components - water, tear, and weather resistant

The Guard 20 series utilizes a custom 1680D polyester double-sided TPU, making it wear and tear resistant and able to withstand the toughest of conditions. Also, it has IPv6 waterproof rating, making your cross-river and downpour filled trips worry free