Westwind moto in 2023 Motorcycle Super Show

Westwind moto in 2023 Motorcycle Super Show

westwind at motorcycle supershow

It's been a great kickoff for 2023

Westwind Moto was invited to participate in the 2023 Motorcycle Supershow held in Toronto. It is one of the biggest motorcycle trade and display shows in North America, and is enormous in size, spanning over 3 aircraft hangers with a total of 6 halls.

Westwind Moto had setup a very unique booth to really attract all the event goers, and the star of the show was our 2023 lineup of products, including a revamped Hussar 30/35 Quick Release Kit designed for adventure bikes, as well as our newest and largest capacity product in the Heavy Cavalry lineup - the HC50.

Two bikes fully clad in Westwind Moto products were on display at the show, an Indian FTR1200 showing off our street lineup product the Guard 20, as well as the Heavy Cavalry 30 Duffle. And partnering with it is a 2022 Honda Africa Twin DCT model, a client bike laden with the full adventure setup. It has the Honda OEM pannier system, which the Hussar 30/35 kit easily adapted to. On the backseat, the Heavy Cavalry 50 was strapped down, with a bundling twin Ranger Wilds RW3 on top. Up front, mirrors had been swapped out for Westwind Moto’s hideaway mirros, and the crash guards got some attention as well with a pair of RW3s too, one on each side.

The booth was a huge hit, really recreating the environment that us Westwind Moto folks enjoy and love - a moto campsite. Tent, wood chips, firewood, beer, you name it. We design what we love, we use what we design, and we sell what we use.

We really drew quite a crowd too! Everyone wanted to get their hands on the all new Heavy Cavalry 50, and the quick release systems on the Hussar 30/35 never stops amazing people. It’s been a great kickoff for 2023, so let’s hope for a great season ahead everyone! Safe riding and keep riding!