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Enduro 40 (BACK IN STOCK!)

The design of the Westwind Moto Ranger Wilds (RW) hanging pannier series is ingenious. It is based on a standard bottom plate hanging tool we call the RW-Base, on top of which different capacity hanging bags can be installed onto it depending on your needs.

Enduro 40 Kit

For all you rackless riders who want the most storage, we now have expanded our lineup to include the Enduro 40. Designed from the ground up, the Enduro 40 features all the benefits of the same Enduro series, but with the added benefits of a removable drybag and basket feature.

Featuring 20 litre drybags on each side that are dropped into baskets that are mounted on the RW-Base, the Enduro 40 offers the most versatility in terms of storage capacity and use. You can either chose to use the drybag, or leave it aside and use the basket for those short firewood trips. The drybag also expands to allow for those awkward shaped items that one may bring on their excursions. Fully waterproof, fully rugged, fully Westwind.

 ENDURO 40 is currently backordered. Place your order NOW! to secure a delivery by June 30th, 2024

Kit Package includes:

  • 2 RW20 dry bags  (Left and Right)
  • 2 RW20 baskets (Left and Right)
  • 1 RW-Base
  • 2 D-ring mounts
  • Exhaust shield
  • All mounting straps